Children health and Immunization

Our Doctors offer comprehensive care for a wide spectrum of acute and chronic illnesses for babies, children and adolescents.

We can provide expert advice, diagnoses and treatment for many conditions and illnesses including:

Well Child and infant health

Learning difficulties – learning difficulties can manifest in all sorts of ways and be caused by various factors. Problems with reading, writing and math can often be attributed to auditory processing disorder or visual processing issues. Issues with organisation and time management can be influenced by distractibility or hyperactivity. The root cause of the issue can be diagnosed and treated once an understanding of the complex factors involved is reached.

Feeding issues – if you are having trouble feeding your babies or children we can help to identify the cause and advise a path forward to healthier eating.
Sleep problems – when a child is having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep there is usually an underlying issue that may alleviate the condition if treated.

Bed-wetting – is a very common problem, which can affect children up to the age of around fifteen. At age four, nearly 1 in 3 children wet the bed regularly, and 1 in 10 by age six.

Asthma – signs of asthma include significant trouble breathing, persistent coughing or wheezing, particularly at night. The condition can disrupt sleep, play and other activities. Asthma can’t be cured but an asthma action plan and proper treatment can reduce flare-ups and other problems associated with asthma.
Growth concerns – growth problems and disorders associated with the endocrine system require accurate diagnoses for proper treatment and ongoing management.

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Onsite Pathology provided by MedLab