Skin Cancer Treatment Clinic Northern Beaches

Regular skin checks by a specialist skin cancer screening doctor is recommended to help catch any potential problems as early as possible.

Making a regular skin check part of your family’s skin cancer prevention plan is important, especially for those of us lucky enough to live on the Northern Beaches!

Beaches medical centre provides total-body skin cancer treatment and exams as an essential part of their services cost is $120

Cutting and removal of Skin Lesions

Excision of skin lesions and skin cancers usually requires an initial consultation with your GP to ascertain the correct diagnosis. The doctor will then explain the surgery to you, let you know the length of time required for the procedure, and give you an estimate of the expected out-of-pocket fee, depending on the complexity of surgery required.

Recovery time is a minimum of 7-10 days until returning for removal of sutures on-site. We therefore avoid doing surgery prior to when a patient is about to travel out of Sydney.

Why Choose Beaches Medical and Cosmetic Centre

Our doctors are highly trained, broadly experienced, and very good listeners

We offer a long consults to reach more accurate Diagnoses for a min out of pocket expense.

We look after multiple generations in each family

Onsite Pathology provided by MedLab

Minimal wait time.

Bulk Billing Available

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