Mental Health

Mental illness affects most people at some time in their lives. With ever changing information, technology, the internet, email, and social media, these have all dramatically changed the way our lives are lived from work places to our homes, the expectations for rapid answers and solutions can be detrimental to our emotional health.

One in five Australians aged 16-85 is experiencing a mental illness each year. 50% of Australians will experience a mental illness in their lifetime.

The most common mental illnesses in all ages are:

In children & Teens we are seeing more of Attention Deficit & Hyperactivity Disorders and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

If you are feeling tired, flat and low in energy, agitated, fidgety or worrying more than usual.

Find it hard to make decisions, overthink simple problems, can’t fall asleep, or your appetite is disrupted or excessive. Whether you think there is an underlying cause or not, a confidential chat with one of our GP’s who listen quietly, is usually the first step towards finding a solution and starting to feel better again. Not all mental illness requires medication or hospitalisation.

Our GP’s are very experienced in treating most mental illness, and onward referral to a specialist can be done if necessary.

Our focus is always on ensuring you’re safety, well-being, and gradual return to feeling sound, having purpose, and feeling content.

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Our doctors are highly trained, broadly experienced, and very good listeners

We offer a long consults to reach more accurate Diagnoses for a min out of pocket expense.


We look after multiple generations in each family


Onsite Pathology provided by MedLab


Minimal wait time.


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