Travel Vaccinations

Find out which travel vaccinations or immunisations you need for a healthy and safe trip to any overseas destination.

We recommend you see one of our travel medicine specialists around 6-8 weeks before your trip to give the travel vaccines enough time to take effect and to allow time for any further required doses before you leave.

Many countries have preventable diseases and health issues that can be avoided with immunisations, vaccinations or medications. This is especially true for parts of Central and South America, Africa and Asia. Even neighbouring countries can have different travel medicine requirements, so be sure to include any other country you may potentially visit on your trip in your travel health planning.

Ensure that you have safeguarded yourself from travel related health risks and diseases and book an appointment in plenty of time before you leave. Bear in mind that some travel treatments require a multi-step process for full protection and peace of mind.

We follow Smart Travel Advice

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