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Bulk Billing Medical Centre Dee Why
Dr Parmar

On Arrival please have your Medicare or Identification ready

Please notify staff if you have any signs of the Flu, Fever, Skin rash or Chest Pain

How We Can Help?

Woman’s Health

Medical advice for a healthy balanced lifestyle, happiness, and physical wellbeing. All our doctors are experienced in women’s health.

Men’s Health

We ensure you are comfortable with any physical examination and we clearly explain the purpose of tests or referrals. Simple preventative screening is available.

Chronic Illness

Our Doctors are trained at managing and co-ordinating continuity of care and putting together comprehensive chronic care plans to optimise your health and well-being.

Travel Vaccinations

Find out which travel vaccinations or immunisations you need for a healthy and safe trip to any overseas destination.

Beaches Medical and Cosmetic Clinic is a Privately-owned clinic in Dee Why committed to understanding you

Beaches Medical Centre and Cosmetic Clinic is a Privately-owned clinic who are committed to understanding you and the effects that your illness has on you and your surroundings. Visit Dr Parmar today in Dee Why. We bulk bill and are committed to delivering safe and high-quality health care to our Patients by treating within the guidelines of the Royal Australian College of General Practice. As medical professionals we focus on getting to know you and your family and treat the person and not just the illness that affects them. Our Team is committed to providing you with the best health care needs possible